Month: August 2020

Forum is online

Forum has been added and will be finished as soon as I add all the boards inside. However you can already register and edit your profile. 🙂 Link:

Development Log #2

Hey there, after some days here we are with development log #2. Many optimizations and changes have been made since last dev. log, which are: ‘Deathrun’ mission type has been deleted and will not be available anymore, so now we have 6 different mission types (more coming soon).Registration/login has been added and it’s fully working,…

Development Log #1

Hey there and welcome to the first development log of Epic Missions. I would like to say that the script is made from scratch by me and many things have been done already in the backend. Currently there are 7 different mission types which are: Last Team Standing Team Deathmatch Deathmatch Last Man Standing Bombing…

Welcome to Epic Missions website!

Welcome to Epic Missions website, it’s still simple as i’m yet working on it but more things will be added in future. Server is still in development, don’t forget to join our forum to stay update about everything related to Epic Missions! Forum: Discord: