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New ‘Resources’ menu

A new dropdown menu called ‘Resources‘ has been added. In this menu you’ll be able to explore some info about the server such as: Server Stats Missions List Achievements You can open ‘Resources‘ menu by simply hovering it with the mouse. Works on mobile too as it’s a responsive dropdown. All the data you can…

New logo & new theme

Website, forum and Discord server got an upgrade. We finally now have a logo, thanks to Kitem! Also, website theme has been changed and our Discord server got a brand new icon. Hope you’ll like it! 🙂

We’re coming…

Hello everyone, I have a great news, Epic Missions will go live soon in BETA. Today I made a decision, since the website and the server were both on VPS, I’ve decided to separate them. So I bought a hosting package for the website and hosted the server on the VPS. So now only the…

Forum is online

Forum has been added and will be finished as soon as I add all the boards inside. However you can already register and edit your profile. 🙂 Link:

Welcome to Epic Missions website!

Welcome to Epic Missions website, it’s still simple as i’m yet working on it but more things will be added in future. Server is still in development, don’t forget to join our forum to stay update about everything related to Epic Missions! Forum: Discord: