Hey there, welcome to development log #3 of Epic Missions.

Many changes have been made, starting from bottom mission textdraw to the core of the mission system.

A mission voting system has been enabled, where you can give a positive or negative vote to the current mission. You can only issue a vote per mission and can’t vote the mission twice:

A small and nice stats textdraw has been added under moneybar, as well with ratio too. (Ratio won’t show if your deaths are 0):

A new mission mapped by me, ‘Deadly Tunnel‘ in ‘Last Team Standing (LTS)‘ type has been added.

As well, to prevent money cheaters, a server side money system has been added. Score and money for missions have been balanced and given based on the mission type (each mission type has a different reward).

Some messages have been adjusted as they had some typos and color problems.

This is all for now, stay tuned for more updates!