Hello everyone, it has been a while since last development log but due to real life issues I almost had no time to update it. However, here we are!

A mission objective textdraw has been added above the minimap, where it will show objectives for each team (if the mission is team based) or individual objectives (like LMS or DM type).

A brand new kill assist system has been added. Assisting player will be rewarded with $200 and 1 score for each assist.

Entering as passenger in a vehicle without a driver is now forbidden to avoid drive-by abuse. If you’re already inside a vehicle as passenger, and the driver exists the vehicle, you will be ejected automatically.

A brand new mission type…’Zombie‘!

Zombies have to infect civilians with a melee weapon and civilians have to defend theirself from getting infected. Of course both teams are provided with a full set of weapons. Defend yourself or get infected!

Many optimizations have been made in the background, such as faster mission loading, core tweaks and much more.

This is all for now, stay tuned for more updates! 😀