Yo everyone, exactly 1 week has passed since last development log. Development is always on going and doing great!

A new mission type, ‘Skydiving‘ has been added. The first player that reaches the checkpoint wins!

Warning: It’s not easy as you think.

You can now view all active missions using ‘/mlist‘. They’re ordered based on their ID and it will show mission name, type and author.

Fucked up teams in TDM/BOMBING missions have been fixed, they’re now assigned correctly.

A cute center info box has been added which will inform players about what’s happening on the current mission. (EG: Someone planting a bomb and so on).

Kill and death messages have been added in chat. They will show the distance too. EG: Symon has killed Symon2 with A Random Weapon from 5 meters.

Dying (doesn’t matter if killed or not) will now remove you $500 and 1 score.

Killing will reward you with $1,000 and 2 score.

/stats‘ command has been tweaked a bit.

New missions have been added too (Won’t tell which :P), we plan to reach at least 30 missions before the opening, just to not make you bored playing the same missions again and again.

As always, thanks to GiGi which he’s helping me with testing.

This is all for now, stay tuned for more updates!