Hello everyone and welcome to a new exciting development log!

Many new cool things have been added, but let me introduce you the best one: DERBY!

Derby mission type has been added and we have already started mapping new and exciting maps for you to play! The testing part will go forward for the next days to improve and/or optimize it.

2 new maps have been added, making a total of 17 (where 16 are fully playable).

A math quiz which will start every 2 minutes has been added. It will reward you with cash and score if you give the correct answer.

Now each mission type has its own colors (teams too). Red and Blue only like before was boring.

Also score and cash rewards for ALL mission types have been tweaked and balanced.

As always thanks to GiGi for the continuous support.

This is all for now, stay tuned for more updates. 🙂