Yo everyone and welcome to a new exciting development log!
As previously said on our Discord channel (if you’re not member, join us: https://em-samp.com/discord) the development is going strong and many things have been added.

Let’s start with the most exciting feature, achievements.

Achievements are a good way to earn score and cash by simply completing objectives. They are made to increase player’s activity and fun. And I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun while trying to unlock them!

Days ago I promised some sneak peeks*, so here we go!


As you can see every achievement needs something to be completed, some may be easy, some not. Rewards varies by achievement and they’re never the same. More achievements will be added during the development progress.

2nd sneak peek, the list of our missions:

Last but not least, the newly introduced feature, global server stats:

* Please consider this sneak peeks as *to be changed* since many additions/edits will be made during the development progress.

A lot of features have been done since development log #6, some of them are:
Team chat (Not available obviously in single teamed missions such as LMS or DM)

Intro textdraw (A fancy textdraw when you join the server because yes)

Improved team balancing system.

Fixes regarding the derby system. Now every win in a derby is counted, plus some more sanity checks in the backend.

28 animations have been added. You can stop playing animation by pressing any key.

Various messages during a mission to enhance the playing experience.

Balanced score and cash rewards for every mission.

Ban system (timed/permanent).

And a lot more…

As I said, server will launch on October but I cannot say exact date as 12 maps are still needed to reach 30, plus some more fixes needs to be done. But don’t worry, for those who asked server IP, keep reading development logs, it’s the best way to be informed when server will go live!

That’s all for now, hope you liked what has been added. See ya on the next development log! 😀