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Rhino Race

I want to suggest a mission. I was thinking about it myself and I have never seen it on another server ...

-First, all players should have a Rhino before race. They should spawn some where of map. i've select it. You can see in **Here**.

-I know Rhino is slow.But we can add nitro to increase the Rhino's speed.

-They should have a spawn protection from the beginning of the race to the end.

-They should through few checkpoints. I've select some checkpoint.You can check **Here** .If the checkpoints is too much, we can reduce them.(The checkpints are in front of Rhino. I forgot to draw them.)

-We should consider a prize for the first, second, third and so on. I think this is better. If you accept: Arrow
1st >>> $1500
2nd >>> $1000
3rd >>> $500
4th >>> $250
5th >>> $100
6th >>> $50

-If you can add a cmd like /lcp (/lastcheckpoint) to go back to Last Check Point.

If the map is bad, we can change it .I am waiting for your answers, Guys! Big Grin


Best Regards, N3AR
The idea is not bad but doing a race with Rhino would take forever especially if the map is large (as you know Rhino is slow and nitro will just help in acceleration).

Reason there aren't races on the server is because we're still focusing on what has been added already, by tweaking or fixing it. However, when race system will go live I'll take in consideration this suggestion.

+1 for me.
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