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Team defense

I've been thinking about a mission i haven't seen on another server at the moment unless i haven't seen it.

First of all, i'll do it in steps:

- Teams
- Objective
- Map
- Rewards and forms of win and lose
- Abilities (optional)

1 - Teams: The mission has two teams: Attackers and Defenders (not the typical A/D, only i can't think of other names).

2 - Objective: Attackers will start at one entrance and have to go to the other point without dying from defenders or not falling off the road (depends of the map). Defenders will have to kill the attackers and prevent them from going out. Note: Defenders won't be able to move from the site (I don't know if there any objects that avoid moving them but rotating with te aim).

3 - Map: I don't have a map in mind but it could be custom maps where they're a line path or curved, it should be flat without objects that cover defenders).

4 - Rewards and forms of win and lose: Rewards depend heavily on teams. The defending team will lose some of the reward if an attacker goes to the end point. The attacking team will lose money if they die from the defenders. The mission will have several rounds. If the attackers in one round have died or reached the end, the next round will begind and the points of the theam will be added. For each arrival at the end point they make, the team will add a point, as well as defenders who will ad points if they are killed. If an attacker dies in the middle of a round, he won't be able to come back until the round is finished.

The team that has the most points at the end of the rounds, wins. All points, point arrivals, kills, etc will be added and how much reward they can have will be calculated. Anyway, to add more competitiveness, the person who has reached the point the most times or killed will get a little more reward.

- Abilites (OPTIONAL): I'm sure you know some Tower Defenders themed games (this mission is inspired by it). To add more excitement, you could create a coin so that it can be used in upgrades. For example: If being a defender I have some coins, I could spend it on improving the damage or buying a skill called Explosion, which creates a small explosion around the person that the defensor killed. Attackers could improve jump, speed or stamina (more life) as upgrades.

And i think that's it. A greetings.

Note: I seem to remember that there were missions like this on the other servers but the defenders could move and there were no skills, rounds or anything.
waiting for answer Symon and GiGi BeĀ wait a little

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