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Beautiful event :)
[ Hello

It's good that old friends are also on this server and the administrators are here
@GiGi : The best person I know who has helped me a lot on my dear Mike server Heart
@Symon : We fought a lot, but Adam is very good and I like him very much  Heart


{ Mike }

Yes, as Farzad said, I'm really glad to see you : ) .I really wanted these days.
It's good that we found this server.

I hope we have a good time together...

Best Regards, N3AR

It's Symon not Saymon...however I'm happy to read such beautiful words. Hope you'll enjoy playing Epic Missions as much as I do scripting for it. Smile
Find what you love and let it kill you.

I'll NOT answer to PMs regarding ban appeals or suggestions or anything related the server. Please use the dedicated boards instead.

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