Hello everyone, I have a great news, Epic Missions will go live soon in BETA.

Today I made a decision, since the website and the server were both on VPS, I’ve decided to separate them.

So I bought a hosting package for the website and hosted the server on the VPS.

So now only the server is hosted on our VPS, means more space and speed. Website/forum are hosted on a different hosting package.

However, an A record has been added which will point to play.em-samp.com

This is a direct link for the server’s IP, so if the IP will change you don’t have to worry about anything. Link should be working within 24 hours (DNS propagation in progress). You can either add that link to your Sa-Mp client or use the “raw” server’s IP.

Server IP:

Or click this link to open Sa-Mp client directly with server’s IP: samp://

Server will be live soon, almost everything has been done. Need only the latest maps to be made and added. Wait for us and spread the word!