After months of development and testing, Epic Missions goes finally live.

samp:// or

Server will be launched in BETA stage, so please report any bugs that may occur at our forums:

As we’re near Halloween, server will be launched in “Halloween Mode”, which means an event totally dedicated to Halloween is active.

During this event you can collect pumpkins which are given by answering math quizzes or while earning/gaining cash/score.

You can spend your pumpkins at the pumpkins shop available using ‘/pshop‘.

Halloween event commands can be seen by typing ‘/cmds‘.

Please note: Pumpkins shop, just like normal mission shop, is not available in ALL missions.

Now it’s time for some useful links:

Connect to the server: samp:// or (port is 7777)

Discord server:


Bug reports:

Many changes will be made in future, this is just the start. So join and invite your friends! We’ll be more than glad to welcome you in our server. Happy playing!